Calabar City Tour
3 Days/2 Nights

Enjoy Canaan Ride, a tour of Calabar and environs, the friendliest people in Nigeria. See the ancient city, Millennium Park, Calabar Lodge, old prison, old waterside market used by the slave traders in that era. Visit the Residency, Nigeria’s first colonial headquarters. Enjoy a motorized canoe ride on the Calabar River and see the villages by the riverside just before sunset. Enjoy an evening out exploring the city of Calabar and evening at the Marina bar.
Visit Tinapa business and leisure resort, Kwa waterfalls with about 125 steps leading to the base of the falls, Drill and Cercopan ranch, both with collections of orphaned primates. The vibrance of Calabar is also experienced at night when the nightclubs come alive at weekends. Calabar Carnival holds in December and the City is agog. Don’t miss it!

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